January 4, 2021

Dear Parents,

Wow! I can’t believe I am saying 2021! I hope you all had  a good Christmas. We are not having a word list this week for Spelling as they are working on a few other things for grammar review, like alphabetical order and using quotation marks.

We are now learning fractions and decimals : identifying and ordering included. Students will continue on with Math facts and we are learning strategies in class. Reading nightly with five out loud is always great. Math/L.A. Booklets (sheets) are due in Thursday.

Thanks for everything, Jeanie Campbell

Monday, October 27

Dear Parents,
      welcome to 5B!  I look forward to meeting with you at Parent Teacher interviews in November. I just added  a few notes regarding the upcoming week, including some information for Friday.
  Students will be having a times tables quiz Thursday. They have a review sheet in their Agenda. Spelling is also due the end of this week.
There is a lot happening, including Scream Park and Halloween.Our Scream Park is Wednesday starting at five o’clock!
  Also, we are happy to welcome Frances Boyd to our school, a student teacher at UPEI who will be joining us until Christmas.
                        Jeanie Campbell
Our class will be celebrating Halloween on Friday, October 30.   Students are encouraged tot bring a school appropriate costume to school on that day. Please do not send any costume accessories that could be easily lost or misplaced. Costumes should not include any weapons or masks that entirely cover a student’s face.  Keep in mind that students will still be required to wear their cloth/disposable mask at school on that day as normal. 

In accordance with the operational plan and public-health guidelines, some important reminders about our food-handling protocols include:
– Food and drink items cannot be shared between students or staff.
– Any treats that are brought into the school must be individually packaged. 
– Check with your child’s teacher before sending in treats
– All food brought into the school must be NUT FREE

Thank you in advance for your understanding and support in keeping our staff, students, and families healthy and safe. Happy Halloween!

April 6-9, 2020

April 6-9

Dear Parents,

I’d like to thank you for all of your patience, as we move into our online learning. I am reassuring you that things will be kept as straightforward and as simple as possible. Your child’s health (mental and physical) and your family come first, above all else.

Later this week (hopefully by Thursday) I will be sending out a Google Classroom code, which will be our platform we  will use to communicate any small assignments and/or work for the following week. As stated by the PSB, students in grade 4-6 are only required to do an hour of work a day (40 minutes for Language Arts and 20 minutes for Math).

All their Math and Language Arts work ( reading, writing, and word work assignments) will be  assigned at the beginning of the week so that students may work at their own pace and there will NOT be an expectation that students log in at a certain time or even each day.Rather students will know what is there and can choose how/when they want to go about completing it. This is very much like how their weekly homework was set up. I do not want this to become a frustration in any way, and keep in mind this is still a transition week.If you have any questions or concerns please contact me at jacampbell@edu.pe.ca or call me at 902-892-9177.

I realize that Good Friday is this week and Easter Monday is the following.I do not expect students to  work on those days. That being said, our WEEK’S work  will be from the 6th Monday to the 9th Thursday and will resume on April 14th, Tuesday.

Here’s our week’s work, including next week’s word work:

1.Read 20 minutes daily

2. Write me a paragraph about two positives from the home learning and one challenge OR about something you have done this week (your choice), and send it using your new login and password(the same way you did it at school). Reminders to edit!

3. Word work will be over the next TWO WEEKS, just like at school and will be some of the most frequently used words, along with Easter and Spring. Send this using your Google login and password.


to, too, two, there, their, they’re,through, threw, because, also

Easter, spring, flowers, bunnies, warmth, April, showers, melting, daffodils,sunshine


Choose ten! You can work on reviewing these and and creating sentences. Combine words if you wish, and try  adding describing words. For example:   The bunnies ran quickly over the melting snow in the  warm sunshine.

4. For Math, work on tables for ten minutes a day, and practice two digit by two digit multiplication using either area model (boxes) or standard algorithm.Try practicing two problems you create each day!

5. I miss you all. Smile and enjoy your family 🙂




Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Dear Parents,

I am just touching base to let you know I am thinking of you all, and miss the students.

The messages  from our principal and PSB  are encouraging as we stay close to family and home.

As far as work goes, reading remains important.  Scholastic has opened up free programs at this time for students at home. Students should be able to access RAZ Kids if they had a school account. Also watch the website and PSB for other suggestions for programs being offered.

Going for walks, playing games always help…More importantly, stay safe.

Thanks, Jeanie Campbell

March 2, 2020

Dear Parents,

I cannot believe I just wrote March 2!!! Here are some notes for our week:

1.Parent teacher Interviews ! Still some times on Friday.

2.Students will read nightly 20 minutes, 5 out loud

3.WWW new list of prefixes: all due with quiz next Thursday 12th

4. Bookfair this week.. Wednesday.

5.Used batteries still being collected

6.Ice cream Thursday for the Humane Society

7.New date for building bridges March 13th

8. Study tables 7,8,9

thanks, Jeanie Campbell



Monday,February 24

Dear Parents,

Just a quick reminder that interviews are next week, and online booking is open!

I am looking forward to seeing you.

I’ve decided no WWW this week, as we’re focusing on  finishing some of our other work, like our writing.

Students will read nightly 20 minutes 5 out loud! We will be having a tables test along with other operations this week. Ice cream sandwich sale Friday, and PINK T-SHIRT DAY is Wednesday.

There will be a Book Fair next Thursday and Friday. I’ll send along more information on this.

Once again, thanks,

Jeanie Campbell



Monday, February 10

Dear Parents,

The following is our week:

  1. read 20 minutes, 5 out loud and record nightly in Reading Log
  2. Times tables test Friday: all tables up to 10
  3. Math sheet : review of fractions and decimals
  4. All Word Work and test for THIS Friday
  5. BAKE SALE FRIDAY! All proceeds to the Wildfire Australian animals as part of the World Wildlife organization.
  6. As well, students may donate Friday for the animals as part of Valentines or instead of giving out valentines(optional).  Thanks, Jeanie Campbell

Monday,February 3, 2020

Dear Parents,

The following is our week’s work:

  1. Reading 20 minutes, 5 out loud,record
  2. toonie for cinnamon roll (French Week) Feb 18-21
  3. Math: sheet signed, comparing ordering decimal sheet (new)
  4. Tables
  5. More Compounds: words to review and sort: all word work due NEXT Friday 14th, along with quiz.Note: scribblers passed back tomorrow                            Thanks, and have a great week                                                                                                                                                                           Jeanie Campbell


Monday, January 27, 2020

Dear Parents,

We were lucky to have had such a great day for Brookvale. The students seemed to enjoy themselves.

The following is our week’s work ahead.

1.Read 20 minutes, 5 out loud nightly

2. All Working with Words due for Friday along with quiz on compound words

3.Math: continued weekly tests and check ins for x,+ and – facts : practice is very important

Students have a Math sheet to finish from last week on ordering decimals and fractions using a number line. Some improper fractions were crossed out today in class that they can leave out.

4. Ice cream sale Friday: proceeds to Australian wildfires

Thanks, and have a wonderful week,

Jeanie CAmpbell