Monday, October 27

Dear Parents,
      welcome to 5B!  I look forward to meeting with you at Parent Teacher interviews in November. I just added  a few notes regarding the upcoming week, including some information for Friday.
  Students will be having a times tables quiz Thursday. They have a review sheet in their Agenda. Spelling is also due the end of this week.
There is a lot happening, including Scream Park and Halloween.Our Scream Park is Wednesday starting at five o’clock!
  Also, we are happy to welcome Frances Boyd to our school, a student teacher at UPEI who will be joining us until Christmas.
                        Jeanie Campbell
Our class will be celebrating Halloween on Friday, October 30.   Students are encouraged tot bring a school appropriate costume to school on that day. Please do not send any costume accessories that could be easily lost or misplaced. Costumes should not include any weapons or masks that entirely cover a student’s face.  Keep in mind that students will still be required to wear their cloth/disposable mask at school on that day as normal. 

In accordance with the operational plan and public-health guidelines, some important reminders about our food-handling protocols include:
– Food and drink items cannot be shared between students or staff.
– Any treats that are brought into the school must be individually packaged. 
– Check with your child’s teacher before sending in treats
– All food brought into the school must be NUT FREE

Thank you in advance for your understanding and support in keeping our staff, students, and families healthy and safe. Happy Halloween!

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