April 6-9, 2020

April 6-9

Dear Parents,

I’d like to thank you for all of your patience, as we move into our online learning. I am reassuring you that things will be kept as straightforward and as simple as possible. Your child’s health (mental and physical) and your family come first, above all else.

Later this week (hopefully by Thursday) I will be sending out a Google Classroom code, which will be our platform we  will use to communicate any small assignments and/or work for the following week. As stated by the PSB, students in grade 4-6 are only required to do an hour of work a day (40 minutes for Language Arts and 20 minutes for Math).

All their Math and Language Arts work ( reading, writing, and word work assignments) will be  assigned at the beginning of the week so that students may work at their own pace and there will NOT be an expectation that students log in at a certain time or even each day.Rather students will know what is there and can choose how/when they want to go about completing it. This is very much like how their weekly homework was set up. I do not want this to become a frustration in any way, and keep in mind this is still a transition week.If you have any questions or concerns please contact me at jacampbell@edu.pe.ca or call me at 902-892-9177.

I realize that Good Friday is this week and Easter Monday is the following.I do not expect students to  work on those days. That being said, our WEEK’S work  will be from the 6th Monday to the 9th Thursday and will resume on April 14th, Tuesday.

Here’s our week’s work, including next week’s word work:

1.Read 20 minutes daily

2. Write me a paragraph about two positives from the home learning and one challenge OR about something you have done this week (your choice), and send it using your new login and password(the same way you did it at school). Reminders to edit!

3. Word work will be over the next TWO WEEKS, just like at school and will be some of the most frequently used words, along with Easter and Spring. Send this using your Google login and password.


to, too, two, there, their, they’re,through, threw, because, also

Easter, spring, flowers, bunnies, warmth, April, showers, melting, daffodils,sunshine


Choose ten! You can work on reviewing these and and creating sentences. Combine words if you wish, and try  adding describing words. For example:   The bunnies ran quickly over the melting snow in the  warm sunshine.

4. For Math, work on tables for ten minutes a day, and practice two digit by two digit multiplication using either area model (boxes) or standard algorithm.Try practicing two problems you create each day!

5. I miss you all. Smile and enjoy your family 🙂




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